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Lock Any Drive

USB,Network, HDD, SSD, Flash, Optical Drives …

Password Protected, Uninstall And Access

Any Windows OS

Premium Features

Unlimited Users & Multiple Lockers

Extensible By Script, Trace Cleanup

Easy Access

Windows Explorer Context Menu Integration

Instant Folder Lock

Drag & Drop private folders to make them disappear instantly


– How can I lock a folder?
1- Using Add button inside the program.
2- Using mouse; which means, drag&drop folders to list.
3- Drag folders to program’s executable or link.
4- Using command line parameters: For example, main.exe “D:New Folder”
5- In windows explorer, clicking to any folder with right mouse button and selecting “Lock”

– Can anyone else access to my folders in Safe Mode, DOS Mode or by a boot disk?
Even if someone steals your notebook, your Flash disk or Rewritable CD, they will not be able to reach your files. Everything will stay secure and invisible.

– What if someone uninstalls the software?
Only you can uninstall the program with your password.

– What if someone deletes the program folder manually?
No problem, deleting program’s folders will not cause any data loss. Just re-install it with same password. Installation location does not matter.

– How can I change CTRL+L shortcut to start program?
You can start Instant Lock with a CTRL+L key combination whenever you want. If there is a conflict; You can change or disable this setting from properties (1) desktop shortcut, (2)quick launch shortcut and (3)start menu shortcut. Right click to all existing shortcuts and pick any key combination you want. Or remove it completely.

– Can I lock folders in USB or Network devices?
Yes, you can password protect re-writable CD/DVDs, network drives and Flash memory devices (Digital Cameras, Memory Sticks) too. Use your CD writer software’s packet writing option to emulate HDDs. You can use your re-writable CDs just like your hard disk.

– Can I use Scandisk, Defrag, Fdisk or Format on locked drives?
You can use defrag and scandisk without any problems. Before using fdisk or format, unlock all folders and take a backup of your locked folders.

– Can I install a new Operating System?
Yes sure, but it is safer to unlock your folders (and take backups) before this kind of serious changes. Sometimes new OS installations may alter disk format. So, don’t ignore taking backups of your important files or unlocking your protected folders.

– Which Windows versions supported?
Application, runs with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/ XP/Vista/2003/2008/2012/ Windows 7/8 and later, 32 and 64-bit editions.

– What are the system requirements? How much resource does it use?
It works perfectly even with old 486 computers. It is not memory resident. It uses minimum memory and system resources.

– I sent an email did not get a reply, yet?
If the same information exists on this FAQs, you may get a delayed answer. Please read this document. We simply do not have resources to answer same questions. This website and FAQs exists, just for that. If it is not here, use the reply form below to add new questions.

– “Error in unlock module” or “permission denied” error
Your Windows NTFS settings is not right. Your current Windows registry or NTFS settings does not allow your user to access. First, you must be an administrator. Second, your user and system user should have full access rights to all your NTFS disks and all registry keys. Use regedit.exe permissions for registry and for NTFS disks: drive properties security tab to give these mandatory rights.

– Run-time error ‘430’: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface?
You do not have a basic Microsoft file named scrrun.dll. Google, is your friend.

– I had a system crash, hard disk failure, etc… I cannot find my locked folders.
Simply restore your exact root folder structure in a new and unused disk partition. Any free file recovery software will do.

– Is there a maximum limit for folder location, size or amount?
You can lock any folder you want. Except some system folders like, windows, recycle bin etc… Folder size, contents, location does not matter.

– I have lost my registration code. What do I do now?
No problem! Contact us from your registered e-mail. And we will send you, your registration key shortly.

– What are the payment options?
We have all popular payment options. We accept all credit cards, Wire Transfer, Phone order, Fax, Postal Checks with PAYPAL.

– I forgot my password and need full support. What can you do for me?

Our software programmers will help you restore your locked folders. This requires some programming effort for each customer. So, this service has to be for registered users, only. You can register here.

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